Monday, November 17, 2008

More Lice

Walking around Legian, Bali

A lot of my time was spent in Legian.  If and when I return this will be my first destination again.  I would walk for hours and stare with my mouth ajar at what was going on around me.

Hong Kong

I stopped in Hong Kong for a few days to catch up with the millions of friends I made traveling there for work.  Hong Kong is the only city that is comparable to NYC in its size that I have been to.  I have such a love for HK.

Rice farming in Bali

I spent a lot of my time galavanting through the rice farms of Ubud.  Absolutely amazing views at every turn.

Stephen Landau

My friend came to meet me in Indonesia for a weekend while I was there.  Stephen lives with his beautiful wife May in Singapore.  Its only a 2.5 hour flight from Sing to Bali.  I am jealous.  Our 2 hours in flight would bring us to wonderful....Florida.

Check out his sight HERE!

My Water

Everytime I am in a place that I don't trust the water I find myself replacing my liquid intake with the local beer.  Especially in warm places its mostly light pilsners.  Bintang kept my thirst quenched.  Its only like 75 cents with the current exchange rates. Speaking of which when I got to Indo I was getting 9000 rpi for a dollar but by departure I was receiving 11500 rpi.  My money was growing. 

Morning and Evening light of Indonesia