Friday, July 25, 2008

Montauk, July 18-20 2008

Syd Kitchen, Williamsburg and Montauk

A friend of mine, Josh Sternlicht, is making a documentary about South African musician Syd Kitchen here in New York. Its Syd's big introduction into the American music spectrum and has landed many shows during his stay. I saw him perform in the most intimate of situations, a apartment living room, to less intimate venues. He also was out in Montauk recording with the drummer from the Tonight Show. It's been a pleasure partying with him and I can't wait to see the documentary which will be ready for the festival circuit.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15-16 Smith Point and Mastic Compound, Mastic

Josh's Williamsburg Roof Party, Brooklyn

Pig roast at Mark Firth's, Mastic

One of my faves on the NYC restaurant scene is by far Marlow and Sons. Both owners Mark Firth and Andrew Tarlow both own summer retreats there in Mastic, and through coiincidence we wound up at Marks Birthday Pig Roast. Beyond the amazing edibles it was nice to see other Brooklyn peeps doing the same as us. Crowded with faces that grace the sidewalks of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the notion played through my head that Mastic IS changing for the better.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bonfire, Mastic

The Japanese have landed, Mastic

A late Autumn sun dipped beyond the Tokyo skyline. We were at an after-party for a friends wedding in front of the Eiffel-like Tokyo tower. Through broken Janglish we were talking up the crowd and met an idustrial designer Floyd, who's claim to fame is a mug with a diamond ring cup holder. Floyd introduced us to Junro (bottom pic) who wanted to take us out that night in Roppongi, kind of the expat drinking grounds. A night of mayhem instilled and a 5 am return to Nihon-bashi where our hotel lay silent. That one night was lesson number one of the partying magnitude Junro had boiling within. We met up a couple
more times in our waning vacation. We met Chop Chop through Junro. At this point they spoke of coming to our 4th of July party.Never had I thought this to be reality. So in May Junro flew to Hawaii to go to English school for 2 months, than flew to San Francisco to meet up with Chop Chop. They rented a car and then embarked on a 8000 mile trek to the party. They made it
right on time, treacherously crossing with so little English. They suprised me, they stuck to their word and I am damn glad they did.

The Fourth Of July in Mastic