Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why on his birthday?

A freinds home got broken into today. I hate this news, for one, because it happened. Two, because it reminds you that at any moment your sense of stability can sour, and you become vulnerable. People violate you by fingering through your stuff.

So on that note here is some peaceful moments on my last excursion to Hong Kong. Also I went to see Juno last night and I sooo loved it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

From the makers of my favorite bar, Pencil Factory comes another beautiful addition to their monopoly of rustic wide plank floors and pressed tin ceilings interiors. Details are perfectly appointed with dark wood tones and antique furniture. The main attraction beyond the large tap selection and scotch list's is the backyard. This brick enclosed oasis sports a smaller shed-like hideaway and a attractive Weeping Willow just beyond the walls.

**** Four stars for near perfection.



There was a wintery mix dominating the evening forecast. I did'nt expect many faces roaming these East Williamsburg sidewalks. Once within the gold-toothed heavyset bartender welcomed with a shining grin. Hot Toddy's were served pint size and the eclectic beer menu lays heavily on the micro tip. I am not a pool shark but those who want to take aim can do so in the back room.

** Two stars due the low attendance, but c'mon it was snowing.

790 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn NY 11211 (corner of Humbolt)
L train to Grahmn Ave.

Yuki was flying from Japan to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. She was rewarded with this rare view. Mt. Fuji spends 80% of the year shrouded in clouds.

Saltwater is like battery acid. Its in the air in on the Tri-Hamlet Peninsula. This is down in Mastic Beach, beyond the saltwater work the sign sits as a metaphor of how Brookhaven Town treats the three towns. Leave 'em and let 'em be.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here was birthday wishes I sent to my freind Erica.

I hope it was this (pointing at myself) santa that gave you the runs, when I
was tounging you in Carlos closet I slipped you an ex-lax that I had stashed by the razor under my toungue.
I hope your ass ain't burning for your birthday.

Happy fucking day of out the vagina.
Now bring that ass a lil' closer!

I need this right now, I got beach on the mind because I am planning the Costa Rica mission. I need warmth. I need it like herion addicts need methadone.

This photo was taken on September 11th 2004 looking back towards Mastic Beach over the Great South Bay.

Monday, January 21, 2008

CoCo 68 (The Restaurant)

First off, I am wondering, where is the woman that puts deodorant under her booby?
Went to CoCo's 68 tonight after checking out the new Habitat Bar.

Dinner went like this.
Yuki, Johnny, and Nicole.

Bacon wrapped Dates.
Musculun Salad with candied walbuts and onions.

Wild Mushroom Risoto with spinach and parmesean.
Tilapia with a mound of yummy shit atop.
Rigatoni with feta.

*** Three stars only cause the food was a little cool when we received but if the heat lamps get stronger, it can can go to 4.
the rally was on. Stop dumping all the shit into mastic, mastic beach and shirley. When they touch the kids they get infuriated. But what about kids getting stabbed in bars, arrows through hearts, dirt lawns, sweatpants everywhere, loose dangerous dogs, water pollution, horrible slumlords and just no will to make it better. Its sickening.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snakes on Motherfuckin Montauk Highway.

A man was apprehended for carrying a 70 pound Burmese Python around his motherfuckin neck. This long dongs are native to South East Asia and can't battle these NorthEast temps. Taking in for animal cruelty. I hate snakes, I have nightmares about walking and having nowhere to step because every step will be rewarded with a snakebite. White snakes (not the band pluralized) and black snakes scattered everywhere hissing at me. Yellow snakes I haven't even had to deal with yet, but thanks alot Wading River man, now I have a new demon to haunt my rest.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hugs Bar, N6th Street Williamsburg

Last Thirstday we went to Hugs. I am not sure what this bar is trying to be. They were rocking horrible 80's jams beyond speakable terms. As the sound level went up the population decreased. It was like the white flight when a neighborhood gets bad. One thing is true its a vaginal space. Cavernous vagina.

This is the second visit and I don't think I am going to take my third strike, just walk me.

* For trying twice and still not leaving with a good taste in my mouf.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I want to see Juno. I want to see No Country for Old Men. I actually got AM NY this morning. I have not picked one of these up in years. I forgot I like to read this shit.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I took this photo Sunday morning out at the Island house.

I wish I was still in the Island. I peeled my eyes open this morning with a hefty amount of restraint due to the 3am sleeptime. I was too ethralled with Hustle and Flow. See it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Travel to HK is frequent for work. The quiet before the storm.

Two different nights, two different Thursdays.
Gutters and LES

Dancing dancing dancing, watch me get, watch me get down, as I do my thing on the scene.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

He bought a pegleg.

Thirstday 47 @ Home Sweet Home on Chrystie Street in Manhattan.
Thats also the Manhattan bridge there. Good detail there.

Took a trip out to far west NJ to see a photo studio we are going to use. Here are some photos of a photo studio.

Factories make samples for us. and sometimes this is what they come up with. This is a Dora with a whole lot of fecal build-up, ultra constipation.

We picked her up last time we were in Hong Kong. My friend left his bag with the little Dora hostage in it at a bar called Yumla. To identify the bag the bartender wanted to know the contents of the bag.

"Well there is a camera, a shirt, an ipod Nano and this little cretin"

Bloated Dora was the deal breaker.

"Come and get your bag before I get AIDS from this lil' bitch"

The detail work is beautiful. Nice touch with the elastic butt-seam. I guess there will come a time when there will be a need to unload her underpants if she could just pop the sphincter seal.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nalu. The best dog.

Peep this!

On the streets of Santa Monica.

Ferry with alien.

I was going to go get engaged on Fire Island, and I was a pack of shivering nerves. Kept touching the pocket doing the ring check. To top it off I had to deal with this shit.

De odor rante (say with a french lisp)

Chinese deodorant can not withstand the power of an Italians pits. I would break through the guise before lunch. I need Mennen. Something that can handle these cavernous hairy indentations.

Miranda Restaurant, N9 and Berry, Williamsburg

I first spotted this one on The Gowanus Lounge blog. I than did a drive-by to check the location and setting at a latter date. Approved. Went back there last night for dinner. Started with the Baby Romaine salad. Check. Seafood Paella appetizer. Delish. Creamier than man cream. Next round, Sea Bass atop kale and mussels. I made cream. Even spared room for dessert which the name escapes me but the taste stays within. And what a frigging taste to savor.

**** for a bodacious taste, a well mannered waitress and comfortable interior.

Boo ya.

The Stats.
80 Berry Street, Brooklyn NY.
(on corner of N9th)
they do cash and credit (I really pass up on a lot of restaurants that do the cash only thing, so this is good)

Kenny Bloggins live and direct.

Kenny Bloggins is about to become fo'real. Never sleep on a star. That shizzy hurts.