Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Miranda Restaurant, N9 and Berry, Williamsburg

I first spotted this one on The Gowanus Lounge blog. I than did a drive-by to check the location and setting at a latter date. Approved. Went back there last night for dinner. Started with the Baby Romaine salad. Check. Seafood Paella appetizer. Delish. Creamier than man cream. Next round, Sea Bass atop kale and mussels. I made cream. Even spared room for dessert which the name escapes me but the taste stays within. And what a frigging taste to savor.

**** for a bodacious taste, a well mannered waitress and comfortable interior.

Boo ya.

The Stats.
80 Berry Street, Brooklyn NY.
(on corner of N9th)
they do cash and credit (I really pass up on a lot of restaurants that do the cash only thing, so this is good)

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