Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer is frickin here!

This Turkey burger with spicy Tzatziki Sauce on Pita came from a magazine we saw in Lowe's. Stole an image with the camera phone of the recipe and made deliscioso dinner.

I went to Design Sponge and caught this recipe from my friend's post from The Jewels of New York.

I copied and I liked.

Than to Smith Point for some surfing and beach time. City, nowhere in mind.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BEACH all weekend. Get outside!

I'm going to the beach this weekend. I will be shot out of a canon.

photo: Fdogg

Mastic Liquor Store gets Historical Landmark Status

I saw this first on Mastically Shirleyicious


The Mastic Compound has its fair share of alcohol ingestion by way of visitors and owners alike. I am also a little gayish when it comes to historical designation, I'm into it. A modern landscape sprinkled with the past keeps people in check and makes them realize there were things before their McDonalds ridden body and their gas guzzling Hummers. I have visited Mastic Liquors on numerous occasions and always scanned the interior looking through the selection and the old world feel, glad to see this continue.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Crusty Crust or something Crusty, Mastic Beach

So I did it. I was wandering through the Neighborhood road area by way of rotating tires and finally threw the mobile into park in front of Crusty Crust. I have eyed this spot for the last two months they have been operating. Its the first promising hope that just maybe something can happen along that beaten-up downtown corridor. I went in to get me'self a pannini. Now it wasn't quite the pannini I had in mind, there was no pressing of the sandwich going on, but the heated up morsel that they did hand over to me for the money exchange, was tasty. I got Tomato and Mozzarella. The interior was done with visuals in mind. It looks a million times better than the discount furniture store that anchors the east end of Neighborhood Road that has had a grand opening for 8 months now. Crust Crust has a great selection of breads and their desserts look satisfying. I will come back, and I will be happy to spend my money there. Next up...we need a little cafe there with some outdoor seating. I can dream.

412 Neighborhood Rd
Mastic Beach, NY 11951

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring weekend, Astoria and West Side Hwy., Manhattan

So I stayed around the city for the weekend. Sunday really opened up to the true feeling of Spring. The city is so exciting on that first warm day of the year. I usually spend all weekends in Mastic, but this year I am doing a little more city time. But I believe this point on I will be easternly headed. I walked through Astoria, trained to Union Square where I ran into the Mitzva Tank parade and than walked the West Side Hwy to South Ferry. I forget how much I love NYC in the cold months, but that first day where a jacket is not needed reassures me I am exactly where I want to be.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mastic in NYTimes

Photo: NY Times

Mike Powell from NYTimes contacted me about this article he was doing about Shirley and the Mastics. Though he didn't use anything he interviewed me about, he did a pretty good job of not interfering with opinion.

Go to the link.

I just wish he would of touched on the influx of creatives coming in and buying but better luck next time.