Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feeding and Fall Collecting

Speaking of Jefferson, Mastic Beach

Now this may or may not matter to you. It's news to me. You may not care much. You may not be happy about rainbows and glimmering bays, or hushed rumbles of the ocean. You may care more about Micheal Jacksons funeral, or making out with the TV screen when Patrick Swayze criss crossed it in the other years. But I was driving down Jefferson in Mastic Beach. Usually I would come to a rusted old gate that would have piles of shitski everywhere near. But the pavement kept going, proceeding all the way to the water. Cleaned up drastically. Finally allowing access to another piece of our fine shoreline. I'm not sure exactly who to thank but hey...Thank You.

William Floyd Estate, Mastic Beach

Fdogg and I did the house tour. Such an under-used institution of Mastic. The frickin house was visited by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison for god sakes. Instead of worrying about which Desperate Housewife got Gohnorreah why not get your history on. The house is full of antiques and pieces of the time. Rocking over 200 years of Long Island and American history for that matter. 5 stars. I loved it.

Clam Bar Coming!

Well I have nowhere to confirm this. Complete hearsay. You ain't heard it from me. But rumor has it the Smith Point Lounge will oneday house a 50's style Clam Bar. Now finally something to get excited about. After surf beach stops will never be the same. Hopefully its done right. With all that space out back, hopefully the makers of this joint are looking to the eastern most parts of Long Island for inspiration (cough cough Cyrils in Montauk) and thinking about outside dining. There's room to set up some serious drinking grounds ah la Bier Garten stylee. Hey, and if you know something more please elaborate in the comments section.

Scott Pasfield grabs another great moment

My friend Scott Pasfield is a great when it comes to finding beauty surrounding in the environs of Mastic Beach. Here's one that caught me and threw my mouth slightly ajar in amazement.

Check out his blog here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mastic is a funny place

Heres a wonderful story that takes place in Mastic in the pages of Newsday.

Read it here.

Clams, Antique Shopping and Beach

Did try to surf both days labeled weekend. Yes it was clean and glassy but weighing in at knee knocker status. Still the water is beautifully warm and the summer souls have parted. Peaceful.

Did however cook-up some Manila Clams and bought a ton of antiques.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outer Beach driving.

Found this article that was a great point of view piece on sharing the beaches with fishermen.

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Now back in 1958 the beach was a much different place. Surfing was at best a seasonal sport with a handful of dedicated players on Long Island. The beaches were empty except for the main bathing areas during the summer season. Endangered plants and birds were of no concern. It’s not hard to imagine how they came up with the “keepers of the beach” credo.