Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, March 2008

More to the theme of missing the warm weather. More FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud, Indonesia

This late in the winter and I start to go a bit stir crazy. If you know me you know the word FUCK and WINTER and up in the same sentence regularly. So in the name of tradition, FUCK WINTER. Reminding myself of warmer times.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fred Erica visits Am Merica

My friend Fred Erica came to NY to visit from Hong Kong. We hit up the beach house in Mastic during the visit. Haeji, my friend from Korea also came along. Smith Point was so atmospheric. Engulfed in moistness rising off the cold underfoot.

Winter walks in Mastic and the common sands of the Hamptons

Dune Road, Westhampton, LI

Hamptons are a joke but there are some nice scenes here and there. Beyond the McMansions there still interweaves a bit of the nature that once was.