Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two pieces of Asia

In November I was in Japan for a while. It was some holiday where parents were dressing their kids in traditional outfits and bringing them to the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku. The kids were so cute.

The kids on the bike happened while sitting on a corner in Lamma Island Hong Kong waiting to go to my friends house. There was so much going on at this intersection. Lamma Island is a strange place, its a hippie commune only a half-hour boat ride from HK mixed with chinese culture.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puerto Rico

Last time I was was somewhere tropical. I was browsing at old photos and here are two of the wildlife. I can't wait to be roaming Costa Rica this weekend with a camera in hand.

Monday, February 25, 2008

This Past Week-end

Well we never made it out to Mastic. There was a wedding here in Brooklyn that we were attending, and Sunday Yuki was in a photo shoot for our friend. Too much running around to do before we leave for Costa Rica this coming Friday. So I think of my house breathing alone in these cold times, inside temperatures dropping to 58 and re-igniting the inner heart of the house, the roar of the burner rumbling the floorboards, with out any feet atop.

So the week-end went a little something like this...

Friday night going away party for a friend Victoria Lucking in Williamsburg. She was a co-worker of Yukes over at American Eagle. She is headed home to London.

Saturday night wedding for Dan and Lindsey. Dan is half owner of both Lodge and Urban Rustic in Williamsburg. It was open bar at Rose's Live Music on Grand Street (reception place) from 7pm-2am. I was hurting all day Sunday with the ben-z-box booming in my skullian.

Sunday a friend used Yuki's Japanese-ness for images he needed for a web project. Matt Owens is on a interesting adventure, will link when it ready. Ended day in Morgantown at the new brick-oven pizza place Roberta's. Big ole' open factory space reminiscent of what I liked and loved about Williamsburg pre-Karl Fischer ugly condo disease.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Aperfect place for a picnic, the path that winds through Terrel River Park tapers off to a peninsula. It shelters the river water from the bay forming a brackish channel for the monster-house owners to navigate their yachts into the bay.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mastic Seafood

There are limited options of food intake in the Mastics. Pizza is on every corner, but it is all that thick doughy kind minus the brick oven. If you were into eating clothes there are a million laundromats but other than that if you aren't using gas and driving outta town than you are doing something food related at home. Mastic Seafood is the absolute best when it comes to bringing fish home. The staff is knowledgeable about their product and rather friendly as they make great suggestions. The selection runs wide and the prices don't ask for wide pockets. Local fish are their specialty. Hampton's visitors and local townsfolk make their door hinges work overtime.

Mastic Sea Food (631) 281-9608 1051 Mastic Rd Mastic, NY

****Best frickin' selection and bestest freshness!


Heres some photos from Thirstday 53 We did it! 1 year straight of going out drinking on Thursday.

Lately its been nights abusing all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Throwing them into the juicer and grinding them into there 95% nutrient content. Haven't really alcoholinated so much this week and I must forfeit, I feel great. But its Thursday and its the 54th week in a row that we have drank a Thursday night away. It's only once a week that Thursday happens.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another drama story.

Driving into Mastic along the Sunrise service road, Hota and I spotted trench-coat clad men picking through the woods at Winters drive. Detective written all over those mothas. Sure enough on the way out of town, "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" and every person on Suffolk County Police payroll was there along with all the news agencies. I can see the headline "MASTIC STRIKES AGAIN!"
An assailant broke into a home there and stabbed a man to death in the early hours of Sunday. The intruder made a quick escape.

Of course the area in which this happened is being labeled as Mastic. If it is negative that is how the media wants it to read. This actually happened in an area which the local townsfolk call Manor Park. If something negative happens in Mastic proper the people of Manor Park disassociate, if it happens in Manor Park than they want the word out as Mastic.,0,3292963.story

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend on the Island

Finished the main ceiling beam in the living room so I opened up some freetime.

The weather was late-March like, hence, I ended up walking on the beach.