Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another drama story.

Driving into Mastic along the Sunrise service road, Hota and I spotted trench-coat clad men picking through the woods at Winters drive. Detective written all over those mothas. Sure enough on the way out of town, "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" and every person on Suffolk County Police payroll was there along with all the news agencies. I can see the headline "MASTIC STRIKES AGAIN!"
An assailant broke into a home there and stabbed a man to death in the early hours of Sunday. The intruder made a quick escape.

Of course the area in which this happened is being labeled as Mastic. If it is negative that is how the media wants it to read. This actually happened in an area which the local townsfolk call Manor Park. If something negative happens in Mastic proper the people of Manor Park disassociate, if it happens in Manor Park than they want the word out as Mastic.


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