Monday, February 25, 2008

This Past Week-end

Well we never made it out to Mastic. There was a wedding here in Brooklyn that we were attending, and Sunday Yuki was in a photo shoot for our friend. Too much running around to do before we leave for Costa Rica this coming Friday. So I think of my house breathing alone in these cold times, inside temperatures dropping to 58 and re-igniting the inner heart of the house, the roar of the burner rumbling the floorboards, with out any feet atop.

So the week-end went a little something like this...

Friday night going away party for a friend Victoria Lucking in Williamsburg. She was a co-worker of Yukes over at American Eagle. She is headed home to London.

Saturday night wedding for Dan and Lindsey. Dan is half owner of both Lodge and Urban Rustic in Williamsburg. It was open bar at Rose's Live Music on Grand Street (reception place) from 7pm-2am. I was hurting all day Sunday with the ben-z-box booming in my skullian.

Sunday a friend used Yuki's Japanese-ness for images he needed for a web project. Matt Owens is on a interesting adventure, will link when it ready. Ended day in Morgantown at the new brick-oven pizza place Roberta's. Big ole' open factory space reminiscent of what I liked and loved about Williamsburg pre-Karl Fischer ugly condo disease.

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