Thursday, January 10, 2008

Factories make samples for us. and sometimes this is what they come up with. This is a Dora with a whole lot of fecal build-up, ultra constipation.

We picked her up last time we were in Hong Kong. My friend left his bag with the little Dora hostage in it at a bar called Yumla. To identify the bag the bartender wanted to know the contents of the bag.

"Well there is a camera, a shirt, an ipod Nano and this little cretin"

Bloated Dora was the deal breaker.

"Come and get your bag before I get AIDS from this lil' bitch"

The detail work is beautiful. Nice touch with the elastic butt-seam. I guess there will come a time when there will be a need to unload her underpants if she could just pop the sphincter seal.

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