Monday, April 7, 2008

Forge River, Mastic Park, April 5th

Mr. Weatherman why do you fib? You said rain Saturday and 60 degrees with sun for Sunday. Well it was the effing opposite. Sunday was cloudy and cold and Saturday was the one with warmth in it. I put the plans into Sunday and let Saturday waste away. I think I hate you.
Did take the dogs down to the Forge River Marina. I heard May 10th is a clean-up around the Forge, I will partake.


Mark Bechhofer said...

Hey Kenny, I grew up in Mastic/Shirley and have since moved to ridgewood/glendale Queens. I still head out to the numerous summer houses my aunts, uncles and grandparents have amassed over the years in Mastic Beach. It is a beautiful area, often knocked for its residents which is a stigma that the town has never been able to shake off. I will be at the forge river clean-up on May 10th as well! Glad to see other city dwellers can admire and love the area for its true character. Best of luck with your Mastic Home!

yukelele said...

I'll see you there, I will be the one with the rows of shark teeth in my bottom jaw, and the lazy eye. Just kidding. I think we need to rake the whole of Riviera, do you know what time it starts?