Monday, August 25, 2008

Overheard in Mastic Part 2

Situation 1
TJ's Hero on Mastic road.

Every morning pre-beach we head to TJ's to have beach food rations on hand at all times.  I usually sit in the car as the others in the car go in to make an order.  This time I have 3 ladies with me, Yuki and Minami, both Japanese and Mary who is Chinese. Two construction dudes follow them in. Some clock rotations occur.  The two laborers walk out obviously speaking of what they just saw.

" I think they were twins"

Situation 2
Gas station on Neighborhood Road

After driving the outerbeach you have to air your tires up.  Saturday the lines were huge so I decided to air up at a gas station.  I pull up and the mechanics were checking out the situation.  The air machine is of course broken.

"Pull your car up between these two bays."

I pull up and the girls, bikini clad, get out into the parking lot. I go over to the tire he is putting air into.

"Are they all yours" speaking about the girls " I have to commend you for driving around with three beautiful ladies"

I should have sold him one.

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Mr. Lentini said...

omeone I went to high school with his mother got in trouble for selling mexican babies on the black market for 25k a pop. and thats for a newbie imagine what you can get with a well aged one