Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Overheard or I Saw in Mastic

it was a usual morning ritual of forgetting to buy half and half Friday night and having to run up to Shop With Us Quality Food Stores just beyond the railroad tracks. With product in hand I waited patiently for the low pants slung teen in front of me to finish his transaction with the store clerk. In my line standing stare I see the boy holding baby food and lotto tickets. The clerk says "we are in New York" and the dude replies "so I can't use these?"
"no" with a what are you frickin talking about tone, and the kid leaves empty handed.
The white wanna- be inner city looker was trying to buy baby food with Pennsylvania Lotto Tickets. Genius!


Mr. Lentini said...

who ever said mastic doesnt have class has obviously never been to shop with us--which by the way has a gorgeous exposed timber ceiling

Mo said...

I feel for that kid. The one that needed the baby food. Life's over before it begins. Stupidity makes me sad.