Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mastic, I'm coming soon.

I am sitting in this seat, post street-meat ingestion. I hear rumbles within. I worry about my visit to the bathroom and the havoc that may occur. My mind is in tangles. It should be engulfed in work but it won't go off topic...Mastic. I want to get to the beach, and let my epidermis make contact with sand and water. I was away for awhile, tramping through The Balkans, so I haven't been where I feel most comfortable in a month. Also last weekend I went to a farmhouse out in Pennsylvania to shoot a .44 Magnum and ingest massive quantities of liquid gold. I need my summer to begin. From here on in its weekends in Mastic. Call me if you know me, the bonfire will be ripping every weekend night.

PS. If I remember, I will post pics from last weekends Mandom weekend in Penn. Some funny shit.

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sinned said...

Mr Paness
Im in the underbelly way too much... where are you... no sight of you....