Friday, June 19, 2009

To roll around Forge River

My phone rings as I am purchasing some friend's wedding clothes.

"John do you want this fold up kayak boat thingy that I have right here for 75$?"

" I don't know, ummmm, does it float. What does it look like?"

"I talked the dude down from 150$"

Brian proprietor of Mastastico sends me this here phone image. And from that moment on I will roll the canals of Forge River. Easily carried to waters edge, just gotta purchase 1 more paddle.

Thanks Bri for negotiation power now there is a new addition to the ocean house.


Editor said...

kick ass!

Mr. Lentini said...

until the neighbor renegs and sells it to someone else for 175 bucks cause you didnt come to get it fast enough

I will find another