Monday, August 31, 2009

Smith Point Locals

Growing up there was SIB (Strong Island Boys), there was BWA (Bitches With Attitude), there was KOS (Kings of Style) and than there was SPL (Smith Point Locals). The three before were there to cause trouble, gangs of sorts, and the SPL was a group of kids, having fun, sliding on waves. If it was to be written, it was SPL with your house number, so the cops can easily find the graffiti maker.


Mr. Lentini said...

wow we need to bring spl back

wonder if strong island boys are still around?

Anonymous said...

I was a "next generation" spl around 2004-2007... It was simply a group of locals that surfed smittys and looked out for one another... Once in a while i had to put a kook or non local in thier place with a right cross but they had to deserve it... We never went out looking for trouble. Ever. PJK aka Patmoe

Anonymous said...

In my day there was quite a bit of crossover betweenn SIB and SPL. That was way back when SIB was still more or less a skinhead crew. I'm almost 40 and still sporting boots&braces.