Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeah right....we can be hopeful.

I went to planning meetings about this years ago when Ed Gerbino was helping push a skatepark into Smith Point. 250,000$ was set aside, but where did it go? Now there is a new uprising, new place and new park in the works. I won't believe it till I see it.

Read this 'bout it.

Construction of the skate park is not expected to take very long and it could be open by the fall, Mr. Romaine said. The park could also include a component for bikers, a request from a student advisory committee that officials are looking into, he said.

My hopes are that this isn't done in a shortsighted fashion. Most likely it will be a crappy park thrown together with no one who actually skateboards driving the direction.

My good friend in Philly has been working with the city of Philidelphia to construct a skatepark right next to the Art Museum in Philly. The idea is to make a park that mimics the street architecture that skateboarders yearn for.

Check Franklins Paine.

Also this park is along the same vision.


Mr. Lentini said...

Hmm im on the fence about this..for one the park should 100 percent be right at smith point beach--just a way better location..another the park should be concrete with a pool and a snake run--I feel like parks that are the same as architecture in the street its kinda ..gay..like just go skater the street then--i dont know regardless I will bet money it will be terrible

Johnny said...

But there is nothing in the streets in Mastic that could even compare. Im definitely for a bowl but you know we are reaching a little far on that one. Most likely it will be a bunch of shitty portables.

Editor said...

Darnit! Now who am I gonna try to run over when I'm leaving King Kullen pissed off that they tried to charge me $4.00 for a tomato?