Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Effing Bluefish bite?

Surfers were attacked.

"At least two surfers near Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack were taken to Southampton Hospital on Friday afternoon with severe bites to their feet, and several other people in the water suffered less serious bites to their feet and hands from bluefish that were feeding on a large school of baitfish pushed toward shore by storms."

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Mr. Lentini said...

hmmm now I know where to fish..I remember like 15 years ago surfing the outer beach at smith point and getting my heel bitten by a bluefish, we were out in a school of bunker..bluefish were jumping out of the water along with the bunker and landing on our surfboards, all the while fisherman were literally running down the beach to cast into the school--oddest experience I have ever had in the water.

Chodearm said...

I think my oddest was the time I was foaming out at John Scotts and I saw what looked like a 18 Wheeler riding out in the water on the horizon. It was 5 am so I know I was a little dreary. Well it than made a left hand turn and drove right out of the water. I nearly grew a poop tail.

Editor said...

Bluefish bite?

::knows nothing about fish::

Toddy said...

This is why I ride a ten footer. Save haven up there...

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