Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Fourth in Mastic

I've done it all for the Fourth. When skateboarding succumbed most of my time, I always went to Philli, skated, drank alot and watched the firework show at the Art Museum. I did the Brooklyn rooftop party, I went to Summerstage to see Sonic Youth and was a peice of the family party population on numerous occassions. No celebration matches the excitement and rawness the holiday takes on in the streets of Mastic. Theres a lawlessness that most other places has lost. Smoke sheathes the streets and it seems like everyone has recieved "THE LIST". I grew up with THE LIST as a staple piece of 4th ettiquette. In the weeks leading to that special celebration, a photocopied-a-million-times sheet shows up in your mailbox. On it lyes some of the finest firework names. You circle and than get THE LIST back to your source. The explosives show up. Mastic turns to a complete warzone during the Fourth. I watched from Fire Island, looking back at the mainland where Mastic/Shirley juts out into The Great South bay and watched the greatest firework show ever. It was a poormans paradise in flames and sporatic performance as far as the eye can see. Mastic knows how to do The Fourth of July. Be careful out there.

Lets burn some shit.

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Anonymous said...

YES "The List" That's how we got our supplies every July 4th. Gather the kids, put on the bug spray and shoot off the fireworks, fun times.