Monday, March 17, 2008

Eclectic Weekend 3/14-3/16 2008 A.D.

Hightailed it east after a Friday night munching at Rose's on Grand. There is a hidden subterranean Italian Wine Bar there with a perfectly edited food menu, with weathered wooded walls. Representing onamonapia. I went with the Arugula and pine nut pesto Fafalle while the hottie across the table with the built-in vagina had the Salmon with carefully cooked veggies. She always goes healthier than me, I get jealous, it comes natural to her.
Gassed the 95' Ford Escort Mastic bound. Did a quiet Saturday morning waking without the twisting and turning. The sun was shining high. Maybe there was some chirping from the feathered one's. Walked Nalu on the beach on the hunt for some driftwood. To no avail.

6:30 pm was meeting time at the Ippudo tasting. While in Tokyo last November a newfound freind brought the Yukijohn duo to what the locals considered the best ramen. This was my answer to the quest for a bowl of top-notch noodles. At finish, we were introduced to the owner because they were to be opening a NY outpost. We exchanged numbers and of course the digits fell victim to misplacement. Fast forward to last Friday, we get a text message from Bozu part-owner Makoto. "ippudo no tasting ikitai" which is basically Do you want to go to Ippudo 's tasting? Makoto gets us on the list and coincidence bears its head, same place, and once again we see the owner from the Jiyugaoka location we went to in November. Check the review of Ippudo in the separate post.

Continuing through the night we head to the close-friends get together at The Habitat. Mark the 15th of March as the first alcohol intake for me at The Habitat. I already love it, its so homey. Can't wait to see others enjoy this space. Ended the night 3 hours into Sunday morning.

Sunday morning 10am pick-up of Patrick and Ann Kimcheedotcom and head to a real deal DimSum brunch that rivaled any I have ever ingested in Hong Kong or China. I don't know how white people can find out about palaces of great taste like this without the insider scoop.

Ended the weekend at Huckleberry Bar on Grand street in Williamsburg, always love this place, read separate review.

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