Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mastic Beach and the people within

The beach and the house "out east" came up and it was just expected that I was speaking of the Hamptons. Then I mentioned deep into the convo that it was Mastic that I was speaking of. The one girl said "oh my god, my friend bought there. Are you living in Brooklyn too? This is so great she bought there thinking it could be like a Williamsburg's Hamptons. But she was going to sell because she thought it wasn't going to happen."
I informed her of all the others that I knew using Mastic as there city-getaway. Thats now 7 households I know about, there has got to be more. The community is building.


Alison said...

It's a wonderful place to be!

Anonymous said...

Mastic is straight ghetto. TRASH!