Friday, March 14, 2008

Thirstday 58 @ T.B.D.

It was a hard night last night. Repercussions are vibrating into this morning within me. Started the night at Bonita. I love every restaurant that originates from the boys who made Diner. What a roster, Marlow and Sons (my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn) Diner, and Bonita X 2. Beers started seeping into me. Pacificos to be exact, romancing the lady because after dinner she was continuing home and leaving this man to fend for himself the rest of the night. Walking to drop her by the train there was this man yelling at all the hipsters, "This is still fucking Brooklyn, get off your cell phones" Creating a scene first, he than punches a innocent girl in the face. She goes down and he goes running. I notified the two moseying cops who went running in pursuit.
Made a stop into The Habitat after, it's done. Few more little steps before opening, red tape shit. I took some photos which I will post later once I get them out of the camera.

Last stop T.B.D. on the corner of Green and Franklin.

Now I am not one for the sleek, cold, minimal interior but I will try anywhere twice. Drinks were half price for the opening which was a major plus. Staff was quite nice and attentive. Beer selection was promising with two favorites of mine settling onto it. Blue Point Hoptical Illusion and Anchor Steam on tap. It filled out quite well with our Thirstday crew, we were rolling with about 20-25 heads, but it might of been a little too empty without us. Overall not so bad.

**1/2 If the interior was a little more comforting I woulda gave it 3.

Also Bonita gets **** even though they are secondary in this post.

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