Monday, March 17, 2008

Hakata Ippudo, Dope noodles.

The tasting was to be free with payment to fall to drinking only. Walking in I had in mind that we were on special invite so this should be a quiet intimate affair, with slurping only shattering the hushed volume. Reality was more like Macy's on Black Friday. I never knew there were this many Japanese expats in this city, it was packed to a 2 hour wait. I guess the much anticipated Fukuoka ramen woke the entire community, and rightfully so. The cavernous space was impressive, compared to the 20 seat establishment I sucked and slurped at in Jiyugaoka Tokyo. I opted for the Akamaru which translates to red circle, but it should also have "these frigging noodles are going to blow your mind, your insides will quiver for more for the rest of your days, heroin is easier to get off of"

***1/2 I love ramen but I obsess over Ippudo's ramen.

Hakata Ippudo 65 Fourth Ave., NY, NY 10003

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