Monday, March 17, 2008

Jade Asian Restaurant, Flushing, Queens

We have been speaking of doing such for some time now. Authentic Dim Sum brunch for hang-over healing. A friend of mine Patrick knows the Cantonese tongue and suggested we venture east to Flushing. The establishment truely removed me from NY. There were more white faces in the Dim Sum I have attended on the many business trips to Hong Kong and China, than here in NYC. Cart style here, little Chinese woman pushing mounded up metal carts that act as the visual menu.
The comb over was stunning. It had a second life as the mans eyebrow. If I owned that topping I would wear it some days down like a drape. The slight spring breezes will be observed with smiles for the soft movements that would occur rather than fear of dislodging the obvious cover-up. I was tricked. I want to run my fingers through all 20 of your hairs honey.

*** for deliscioso and pure authenticity.

Jade Asian Restaurant, 136-28 39th Ave., Flushing, Queens


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